I read a ton of stuff, pretty much every day. Here's a list of things that I've not only read but also liked enough to recommend them for your reading pleasure.

The Bullshit Web →

Nick Heer declares war on what he dubs the "bullshit web" – the phenomenon that defies the promise of ever-increasing network speeds with ever-increasing amounts of "stuff" being added to every website. A well-written discourse with excellent quotes from David Graeber's "On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs".

The Refugee Detectives →

Graeme Wood provides an interesting outsider's analysis of German refugee policies in the aftermath of Merkel's "Wir schaffen das". A choice quote: "[The] mandate—separating refugees, who will be allowed to stay, from economic migrants, many of whom will not—has launched a gigantic bureaucratic project, sure to offend everyone."

How To Become A Centaur →

Nicky Case reminds us of AI's forgotten cousin IA (Intelligence Augmentation) in this uplifting piece about the possibilities of a future that is not a zero-sum game of "human" vs. "machine" but defined by a symbiotic relationship between different dimensions of intelligence.

Standardizing lessons learned from AMP →

💥Great news today: Google announces that they will allow non-AMP pages to get the same prioritised treatment as AMP pages – if they fulfill the required performance criteria.

AMP News →

Chris Coyier rounds up a slew of recent articles and opinions about Google's AMP Project. I think he's doing a fairly balanced job considering the responses range from polite disagreement to mostly negative (with the exception of Google staff).

Ends and means →

Jeremy Keith contemplates the benefits and dangers of corporate power over the web by looking at two recent examples (Google/AMP and Mozilla/HTTPS respectively). "When do the ends justify the means?" is an excellent question and not easily answered.