I read a ton of stuff, pretty much every day. Here's a list of things that I've not only read but also liked enough to recommend them for your reading pleasure.

Ends and means →

Jeremy Keith contemplates the benefits and dangers of corporate power over the web by looking at two recent examples (Google/AMP and Mozilla/HTTPS respectively). "When do the ends justify the means?" is an excellent question and not easily answered.

Design’s Lost Generation →

Mike Monteiro asks designers to aim for a professional level of accountability, because "Amateur hour is over." and "We moved too fast and broke too many things." This is an excellent follow-up read to On Weaponised Design.

On Weaponised Design →

Tactical Tech is researching how well-intended but ill-considered design choices lead to hurtful outcomes.

Finding the Exhaust Ports →

Jon Gold tries to make sense of his dwindling techno-optimism in the messy reality we got instead of the utopia we were hoping for.