Rands In Repose: The Art of Not

There have been a great number of articles and opinons about Instagram lately (if you missed them, try google), but Rands’ “The Art of Not” — as usual — comes out near the top and is definitely worth sharing.

On a sidenote, Instagram has done two things to me. It has managed to rekindle my love of photography paired with a device that is always ‘there’ instead of longing for my dSLR which rarely accompanies me (this is a good thing). On the other hand it has me itching to sell my iPhone 3GS early and spend money on basically the camera of an iPhone 4 (this is bad).

Ironically this ties in well with the title Rands chose for his article: using Instagram is the art of happily not missing your dSLR, but also of not getting too tempted to upgrade your phone.


  • Oct 20, 2019 Split blog articles and bookmarks
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