Old CSS, new CSS →

Eevee pulls out all the stops with this mammoth piece about CSS history.

In the beginning, there was no CSS.

This was very bad.

Well, it wasn't all bad, but it was… tedious. Very, very tedious. 😁

CSS 2 introduced the > child selector, so you could write stuff like ul.foo > li to style special lists without messing up nested lists, and IE 6! Didn't! Fucking! Support! It!

Oh dear, yes. I remember learning about the > child selector and then learning that, well, IE 6! Didn't! Fucking! Support! It! 👀

Another major factor appeared on April Fools' Day, 2004, when Google announced Gmail. Ha, ha! A funny joke. Webmail that isn't terrible? That's a good one, Google.

Oh. Oh, fuck. Oh they're not kidding. How the fuck does this even work

Haha, hellooo XMLHttpRequest! What a great trip down memory lane. (via @xkons64)